Net worth calculator

Net worth – the all-important number in the world of personal finance. To help facilitate the calculation of your net worth, I created this worksheet that has options to fill in your assets and liabilities to calculate your total net worth automatically. So let me go through the worksheet to have a look at what you can fill out.

Getting rid of your mortgage

money, finance, mortgage

Ever wondered why you need to keep paying for 30 years for a house you supposedly own? More and more people are wondering the same and have started paying off their mortgages early to live a mortgage-free life. Are lower monthly payments the holy grail and should everyone just pay off their mortgage as soon as possible? You guessed it, probably not, let’s have a look at pre-paying your mortgage.

Making the most of life

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You ever feel like time is flying by? That you cannot fathom how much time you’ve got left? Did you spend your time well? This abstract idea of your life is very well illustrated using a Life Calendar, let’s have a look!