How much is needed to be financially independent?

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Never having to make a decision for money reasons, sounds great right? Increasing amount of people are finding that their reality is just living to work and working to live, and they are getting tired of it. In comes the dreams of financial independence, enough money to do what you want (and stop doing what you don’t want). Sounds great! But is it attainable and how do you know you’ve reached your goal? In this article we will take a look at how much you would need.

Mortgage calculator

While it might be a discussion on whether or not it is better to buy than rent, it is good to know the numbers associated with your situation to make an informed decision. With that in mind I made a mortgage calculator, or actually two – an international version for people around the world, and a version that uses all the relevant legal limits for the Netherlands, to give an indication of your options.

Making a financial plan

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A goal without a plan is just a wish. If you have something you really want, and it needs money – you’ll need a plan to get it. In this article I’ll help you set up your very own financial plan to make your financial journey actually reach its destination.