Welcome to the place you go to learn about money! The site is built around the concept of learning by teaching – as I get to learn, I will teach you about the lessons and provide my take on. I will be investigating all the well-known and lesser-known financial guru’s and provide insight on how they agree and disagree on different topics.

In the end, I will distil for you the essence of each financial philosophy out there and give you a guide to which one fits you best. Be careful though, I am not a financial advisor and personal situations will vary too greatly to be covered in detail in the posts I will be putting here. Consider them well-informed starting points for your path to financial greatness!

‘It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep’
– Robert Kiyosaki

Who is the Author?

My name is Wilfred, a Dutch millennial husband and father – a holder of a PhD in pharmacology ~’call me dr. Financial Phil’~ and personal finance enthusiast since I lived in the U.S. in 2017. Coming back to Europe I found information on personal finance very colored towards the U.S. situation and had a hard time finding relevant information for living outside the U.S.

Reading about personal finance more and more – I found underlying philosophies had many overlaps and some apparent contradictions – trained as a scientist the only thing I could do was do the math and write my literature studies. My vision is that knowledge only has value when shared – so I am sharing all that I am learning along the way with you!

What will you find here?

You will find my readings of various financial philosophies, either from books or any other media out there ~find something interesting? – SEND ME~ Topics may include anything money related such as:

  • Building & maintaining wealth
  • Saving & budgeting
  • Mortgage & debts
  • Career & entrepreneurship
  • Relationships & kids
  • Retirement & inheritance
  • Life style choices & habits
  • Any topic you want to learn more about? ~SEND ME~

I will be writing on topics such as mentioned in a manner that can be a good read for any nationality. Main language will therefore be English, but I will probably provide Dutch insights next to the mainly American literature.

Of course, you will also find plenty of stories about my experiences and mistakes in life – which hopefully can be tied back to a wise guru that could have warned me to do better!

Who are my readers?

I will be writing for anybody interested in personal finance – especially those that want to have a look at how all the different minds think about similar topics and perhaps provide some insight on how these philosophies can be applied outside of the U.S.

You – the reader – are going to be my study group and I hope we can learn a lot together. Have a story to tell or a question to ask ~ Please reach out to me ~ you can help create new financial philosophies today!

Where to start?

As the content of this website grows, I will provide useful starting points for novel readers here – currently we are still starting up, easy to start anywhere!

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