Things I wish I knew sooner about mortgages


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Starting to look to buy a new house for the first time? Overwhelmed by the types of decisions and underwhelmed by your knowledge about these topics? I knew I was when I bought my first house, solely relying on good faith in the (random) financial advisor I had hired. This article is to give an overview of the different topics discussed on this site regarding basic mortgage philosophies and regulations.  

Mortgage basics

To start to make sense of mortgages I am presenting a series on the basic variables important in a mortgage, this will include (a possibly growing list):

I will of course attempt to include as many different financial philosophies along the way, although this is a topic where I cannot avoid regional specificity when it concerns rules and regulations that apply to various parts of this discussion.

However, as the majority literature references the U.S. situation, I will balance this with providing the U.S. situation next to the Dutch situation (to the best of my capacity). Hopefully you can enjoy and learn a lot during the way – I know I will!

Other real estate related-topics

Besides the basics, there are plenty of topics that might pop up in your mind as you are considering buying a home, an investment property or refinancing – I will put up links here very time I make a real estate related post (definitely a growing list):

Also for those interested, I also talked about my experiences buying my first home – you can check this out here!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if there is a certain topic you’d like to see discussed!

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